With symfony

Three year after i got first project on symfony. While there are always be a discussion for real value for frameworks in php comparison to core scripts. But i think when we talk about strong oops and design pattern level programming then we got best of these found in frameworks.
Symfony is one of very strong and yes complex framework in php.
It support various features like mvc, url rewriting, orm, configuration based architecture, various security features, 3rd party and user plugins.
I am most impressd with its yml based configurations. Which is overridable between different layer of architecture. So application level configuration can be overrude at module level and also on action level. Strong OOPS based architecture make code reuse easy.
It have some complexties like command line based module, models etc generation. But that all part are going easier after you doing it more times.
Well but one thing which is good and annoying both is hydration which is complex and make sometime more tough to work on complex queries.
But as my experience on working on cms like drupal is not much enjoying, it is more enjoying to play with oops and orm concepts on framework.
Well for today just that, i will dig more into symfony in incoming days.