Relational v/s Object Sql Model in PHP

Im confusing about using relational or object model for database in programming languages. while relational model is tradional, simpler, fast and easy. But It is very bad practice for frameworks where good coding standards are requirement. Object Model is good in this case but it make developer life more complex. and most of object model also lack of completeness for all sql statements in general. One example is UNION statment which is not an easy in Object Model to implement. and Also performing subquery using OM is also a big challenge.

Let see an example For Sql Query

Relational Model :

$q = “SELECT id, name FROM tbl_test WHERE id=1”;
$query = mysql_query($q);
$row = mysql_fetch_row($query);

Relational Model :(Using Symfony Framework)

$c = new Criteria();

$c->add(TestPeer::ID, 1);

$RS = TestPeer::doSelectRS($c);
Now you can see the elegantness but complexity of OM.